Why Caucasus? 

Caucasus is a predominantly mountainous region in the southwestern part of the European continent of Eurasia. It covers an area of 440,000 sq.km.. Caucasus is divided into two major parts, the North Caucasus and the South Caucasus. The South Caucasus, also known as Lesser Caucasus is occupied by several independent states, namely Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan.


Caucasus is one of the most ancient settlements in the world. Back in the beginning of the first millennium, there were already formed states here. In the ethnic and linguistic sense Caucasus has a complicated composition. There were approximately 50 different nations who inhabited the territory. Those spoke languages of 2 different language families ​​(Caucasian or Ibero-Caucasian and Indo-European). This circumstance, in its turn, has greatly contributed to the diversity of cultures, habits, traditions and national cuisine. 

About the complex

The founders of "Caucasus" restaurant complex  aimed to create something valuable, something that would commemorate the century-old traditions and customs of our ancestors, as well as to introduce the well-known  dishes of Caucasian cuisine in  a brand new light! The secret of these unique dishes is  in traditional recipes which use only high-quality  fresh food and seasoning. 

However, being in the service sector, "Caucasus" restaurant and hotel complex is not limited to restaurant function only. At the same time it aims to introduce the Armenian history to foreigners, and to remind and commemorate the glorious way passed by our ancestors to locals.  

For this reason, "Caucasus" restaurant complex consists of halls carrying the names of four Armenian royal families. Each hall expresses the spirit of its era and is shaped by paintings and murals characterizing the given period. Only natural materials such as stone, pile, brick, clay, iron, wood, canvas, reed and straw were used to create a harmonious atmosphere . Chandeliers, lanterns, bars, even door lugs and handles are all handmade by a blacksmith. 

One can say that "Caucasus" is a  history itself. A colorful and interesting story about the Armenians, their creative spirit, lifestyle, glorious culture and military art.